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On 31 October 2016, Obstacle Surface Planner was succeeded by SkySAFE™.


Guaranteeing safe operations through the protection of departure and approach paths is of critical importance to every airport. Transoft Solutions’ SkySAFE™, the successor to Obstacle Surface Planner™, assists with this challenge. The AutoCAD®-based software allows planners to easily control existing or potential obstacles in an airport’s surrounding environment against regulatory guidelines which in turn, helps to ensure maximum safety in all aircraft operations


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Analyse surface penetration of individual obstacles

Obstacle Surface Planner™ offers an introductory toolset, allowing users to analyse the impact of individually specified obstacles on FAA and ICAO Obstacle Clearance/Limitation Surfaces in a 2D or 3D environment. Core functionality includes the ability to define runway environments, specify the location and size of individual objects and generate surfaces. Results can be reviewed in Autodesk® AutoCAD® or exported for inclusion in reports or plans. 


Obstacle Surface Planner Software Package

Analyze the impact of fixed or temporary obstacles

Once an airport's operational environment has been modeled in AutoCAD® using Obstacle Surface Planner, only a few clicks are required to analyze the impact of fixed objects such as buildings, power lines, lighting pylons or trees. What's more, these same commands can also be used to quickly and efficiently analyze temporary obstacles, such as mobile cranes. 


"Like most airports around the world, Frankfurt Airport is constantly evolving. There are always multiple construction projects underway and these often involve the use of mobile cranes. We use Obstacle Surface Planner on a weekly basis to check that these cranes are positioned in a way that complies with regulations."

Bohdan Skudrzyk, Airside Infrastructure Development, Fraport AG 



Feature Spotlight


Logical workflow for accuracy and ease-of use

Obstacle Surface Planner features an easy-to-use icon system, utilizing workflow processes that ensure that no critical entry item is missed. The software is based on user input and software program methods that will provide the utmost in accuracy with regard to items such as: runway types (lengths and widths), displaced thresholds, differing runway end elevations, differing longitudinal runway elevations, surface locations and dimensions, and overall 3D depictions.


Latest Updates


Obstacle Surface Planner 1.30

(released September 30, 2013)


  • NEW! Compatibility with AutoCAD 2015


  • NEW! FAA AC 150/5300-18B (USA) regulations now available


  • NEW! Define and analyse individual obstacles


  • NEW! Functionality to allocate each FAA AC 150/5300-18B surface to its own AutoCAD layer (as specified within the regulation itself)
  • Minor bug fixes and refinements designed to improve user feedback

Obstacle Surface Planner 1.22

(released October 30, 2013)

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces command

  • New level of flexibility to generate split Inner Horizontal and Conical Surfaces for parallel runways with varying heights (ICAO only)


  • Minor bug fixes and refinements designed to improve user feedback 


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