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On 6 November 2015, PathPlanner Gate was succeeded by AviPLAN Airside.


AviPLAN Airside carries on where its predecessor, PathPlanner Gate, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. AviPLAN Airside’s functionality has been developed and refined over many years, and is the result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as equipment manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world.


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Getting started with Gate or Remote Stand planning

PathPlanner Gate unites fundamentals such as a comprehensive aircraft and Passenger Boarding Bridge database with intuitive step-by-step design tools to simplify the task of gate and stand design. The software guides users through the process of placing a coordinate system and specifying apron characteristics through to defining lead-in lines and selecting Passenger Boarding Bridges and aircraft. Intuitive, accuracy and fast!


PathPlanner Gate Software PackageResults and reports, critical project data

Visualizing designs in CAD is one thing, but having detailed data to prove the feasibility of designs is another. PathPlanner Gate takes care of this on two levels; with real-time results and detailed result reports.

Throughout the design process, with the click of a button users can access detailed real-time session data relating to which aircraft door a bridge is docked to, plus the bridge’s slope, height, operational length, cab angle and more. Warnings are also presented when a design is either nearing or has exceeded defined limits. Once analysis work is complete, the user can generate detailed reports outlining critical design details in a concise and professional format.





Feature Spotlight


Custom boarding bridges increase flexibility

Although PathPlanner Gate incorporates in excess of 1300 Passenger Boarding Bridge variants, on occasion a project may require something that is not available in the standard library. Perhaps the airport’s requirements called for customized models to be constructed by the bridge manufacturer.

Now, PathPlanner Gate aims to assist in such cases with an all-new bridge creation wizard. Named ‘Bridge Manager’, this tool allows users to select an existing bridge model from the library and then modify all the relevant dimensions and parameters to suit the project’s requirements. Once saved, these user-defined bridge models can be conveniently integrated into a gate design.

We understand the challenges being faced

The toolset offered as part of PathPlanner Gate has been developed and refined over many years. The result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as Passenger Boarding Bridge manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world, this tool was created based on an excellent understanding of the challenges faced daily by airport design professionals.


Latest Updates


PathPlanner Gate 6.21

(released May, 2015)

Maintenance Release containing the same core functionality as PathPlanner Airside+ 6.20. 


PathPlanner Gate 6.20

(released March 26, 2015)

Notable new/improved features include: (for a full overview of the new/improved functionality in this version, please contact us)


  • New! AutoCAD 2016 and BricsCAD V15 (15.1.04 or later)

Gate Design (Gate planning and design)

  • New! A door offset or bridge adapter can now be defined for each aircraft docking simulation
  • New! The drive column height for parked bridges can now be changed
  • New! The length of a bridge's external stairs can now be defined


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