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On 6 November 2015, PathPlanner was succeeded by AviPLAN™.


AviPLAN carries on where its predecessor, PathPlanner and AeroTURN®, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. AviPLAN’s functionality has been developed and refined over many years, and is the result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as equipment manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world.


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Design and optimize gate or stand layouts with ease

The only solution of its kind on the market, the PathPlanner Gate Series has been developed for one purpose and one purpose only: to simplify the often complex task of designing gate and remote parking position layouts.


Thanks to the software’s intuitive top-to-bottom workflow processes, users are able to take full advantage of the software’s unrivalled Passenger Boarding Bridge and airplane libraries in all projects. With an unparalleled feature set, it is no wonder that airports, Passenger Boarding Bridge manufacturers, consultants and other airport design professionals worldwide are using PathPlanner to plan gates and stands on a daily basis.


Whether the software is used on its own or in addition to an existing aircraft swept path simulation solution, the two product versions in the PathPlanner Gate Series are sure to save time, money and stress.


PathPlanner Gate+

PathPlanner Gate+ Software Package

PathPlanner Gate+ eliminates the often time-consuming process previously involved in gate design work. Choose from over 1300 Passenger Boarding Bridge variants, incorporate fixed installations, define lead-in lines, add aircraft and select an optimization method. Stop bars will be automatically positioned and potential proximity issues identified! All this, plus more!


PathPlanner Gate

PathPlanner Gate Software Package

With PathPlanner Gate, gate or remote stand designs can be generated with just a few clicks. Make a selection from over 1300 Passenger Boarding Bridge variants or build a custom Bridge with the integrated Bridge Manager wizard. Then position the lead-in line, choose from in excess of 400 2D airplanes and let the software do the rest!


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