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On 29 January 2014 Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design solutions, acquired Simtra AeroTech AB, a leading supplier of software for airport and road designers. Both companies are pioneers in the transportation industry with CAD based software solutions such as PathPlanner™ (Simtra) and AutoTURN® and AeroTURN® (Transoft Solutions). For more information, see Acquisition FAQ


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Aircraft dimensions, service information and more

Aircraft Data Viewer™ is a one-stop resource detailing relevant information such as aircraft dimensions, steering characteristics, door locations and jet blast impact data on over 450 aircraft. The location of ground service connections can also be found together with the type and position of the various aircraft service vehicles.


Aircraft main dimensions

The ‘Main dimensions’ view displays aircraft in top view, front view, and side view, including measurements. In a table, general information such as FAA/ICAO category is presented together with dimensions such as aircraft length, wingspan, wheelbase, engine span and more. The table also provides turning characteristics.

Aircraft door locations and heights

The ‘Doors’ view shows aircraft in side view with a clear indication of the passenger door locations. The exact positions measured from the nose of the aircraft and door sill heights are summarized in a table.

Aircraft service points

The ‘Service points’ view shows aircraft with the ground service connections such as fuel, electricity, hydraulics, potable water and more. The exact positions and height above ground level are summarized, as well as the pilot's eye position.

Vehicle service arrangement

The ‘Service arrangement’ view shows aircraft with the service vehicles in position around it. The various vehicles such as the baggage train, catering truck, lavatory truck etc. are located near their respective service points and the doors for passenger, cargo and baggage handling.

Aircraft jet blast

The ‘Jet blast’ view displays aircraft including the jet blast impact at three engine thrust settings; idle, break away and take-off. The contours are displayed for several wind speeds and numeric details are summarized.

Aircraft comparison

The ‘Compare aircraft’ view allows for the selection of up to five aircraft for direct comparison of the main specifications. Aircraft are displayed in top view and can be aligned at nose, nose gear, or main gear center. Color fill can be turned on or off and numeric values are summarized.


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