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On 6 November 2015, PathPlanner Turn+ was succeeded by AviPLAN™ Turn Pro.


AviPLAN Turn Pro carries on where its predecessors, PathPlanner Turn+ and AeroTURN® 3D, left off to deliver a unique feature-set tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by today’s airside planning, design and operations professionals. AviPLAN Turn Pro’s functionality has been developed and refined over many years, and is the result of knowledge and input from in-house airport planning experts and developers as well as equipment manufacturers, airport operators and consultants from around the world.


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2D or 3D aircraft turn simulations or presentations

Be assured of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in all apron, taxiway and runway movement evaluations with PathPlanner Turn+, the ultimate CAD-based software for aircraft and ground service equipment turn and swept path analysis.

Long the market-leader for simulating lead-ins and pushbacks, designing taxiway fillets, assessing jet blast impacts, planning complex power-in/power-out procedures, PathPlanner Turn+ now even includes an impressive 150+ realistic 3D scale models, perfect for 3D visualizations or movie presentations.

PathPlanner Turn+ Software PackageTaxiway fillet design made easy

Developed in response to user needs, PathPlanner Turn+ now incorporates a unique feature to simplify the time-consuming process of taxiway fillet design. The first of many convenient ‘Design Tasks’ to be implemented within the software, this command directs users through the process of establishing taxiway dimensions, entrances and routes, before prompting the user to select an airplane, or group of airplanes to be used as the basis for the fillet curve. Once all parameters have been established, with the click of a button taxiway fillets can be designed and optimized, saving both labor and material costs.

With both ICAO and the FAA now supportive of the use of CAD engineering software in fillet design studies, this feature is sure to become a favorite.




Feature Spotlight


Advanced, intuitive and user-friendly

PathPlanner Turn+ contains a powerful set of features designed to optimize all aspects of a user’s experience. It is possible to define and adjust parameters such as aircraft or vehicle type, turn types and angles, path construction points and offsets, speed and much more, all from within the same 'Construct/Follow Path' command. All with the peace of mind that...

…if it can be simulated with PathPlanner Turn+ it can be executed in reality.


Latest Updates


PathPlanner Turn+ 6.21

(released May, 2015)

Maintenance Release containing the same core functionality as PathPlanner Airside+ 6.20. 


PathPlanner Turn+ 6.20

(released March 26, 2015)

Notable new/improved features include: (for a full overview of the new/improved functionality in this version, please contact us)


  • New! AutoCAD 2016 and BricsCAD V15 (15.1.04 or later)


  • Taxiway and taxilane clearance distances adjusted according to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) CS-ADR-DSN - Issue 2.


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