PathPlanner™ 6.10 Release: New 3D objects, AutoCAD 2015 Compatible



First major update to PathPlanner™ 6, includes realistic 3D Passenger Boarding Bridges


Simtra AeroTech AB, developers of software solutions for airport planners, designers and engineers, is pleased to announce the release of PathPlanner™ 6.10.


PathPlanner™ 6.10, the first major update to be issued for the sixth generation of the company's airside planning, design and operations software, sees the inclusion of 3D Passenger Boarding Bridges. Complementing the realistic 3D airplanes and vehicles that have been available in the PathPlanner™ object library since version 6.00 was released in April 2013, these bridges allow users to undertake airport gate planning in 3D. With the inclusion of additional realistic 3D objects, the software now offers new possibilities for generating impressive presentations to appeal to airport management and stakeholders.


Another new feature included in PathPlanner™ 6.10, also related to the software's object library, is Object History. "It's easy to assume that, for example, a Boeing 737-800W is a Boeing 737-800W and that nothing changes once it has been implemented in the software. This simply isn't the case however" comments Farhad Moayydei, Technical Support Manager at Simtra." For example, aircraft manufacturers regularly publish revised Airport Design/Planning Manuals, either to correct errors or to include information that hasn't been published previously. With the new Object History feature in PathPlanner™, it is now very easy to see when or if a library object has been updated and what the change was. This obviously improves transparency and helps our users to better understand the software’s output.”


Now compatible with AutoCAD 2015 and BricsCAD V14, PathPlanner™ 6.10 also includes enhancements to existing functionality such as its drawing administration (Session Manager/Properties), the custom vehicle creation wizard (Vehicle Manager) and the aircraft maneuver simulation tool (Design Path).


For more information about PathPlanner™ 6.10, visit


About PathPlanner™
After its initial development in 1994 together with the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, Airbus selected PathPlanner™ in the late 1990's to prepare for the introduction of the A380 at major international airports. Having proven its value ever since, PathPlanner™ is now in use at the vast majority of the world’s largest airports, aviation consultancy firms and Passenger Boarding Bridge manufacturers. It is used by airport design and operations professionals to plan and design aprons, taxiways and runways.


About Simtra
Simtra AeroTech AB is recognized as a leading supplier of software solutions and services for planners, designers, engineers and architects in the transportation industry. Founded in 1989, Simtra was originally involved in the navigation of mobile robots. In 1994, the company merged its robotics research with airport know-how provided by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority resulting in PathPlanner™; a CAD-based tool for airside planning, design and operations. In recent years, the portfolio has been extended to include further solutions that meet the needs of airport and road design professionals worldwide.

In January 2014, Simtra AeroTech AB was acquired by Transoft Solutions Inc., a developer of innovative CAD software for the transportation engineering community.

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