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PRESS RELEASE: Simtra AeroTech AB, developers of software solutions for aviation and transportation planners, designers, engineers and architects, is pleased to announce the release of Aircraft Data Viewer™ 2.00, the latest update to the company's product showcasing specifications on over 450 commercial, military and cargo airplanes.


The release of Aircraft Data Viewer 2.00 marks the final stage of the product's separation from Simtra's flagship airside planning, design and operations solution PathPlanner. James Renner, Development Manager - Products & Marketing explains, "Aircraft Data Viewer was initially launched in 2007 as an add-on, installed and licensed together with PathPlanner so that users could review aircraft specifications in a concise, convenient format outside of their CAD platforms. In 2009, the software was also made available as a standalone solution in addition to its availability as an optional PathPlanner add-on. With Aircraft Data Viewer 2.00, the software is now completely independent, no longer an optional add-on tied to PathPlanner."


The decision to split Aircraft Data Viewer and PathPlanner was made with flexibility in mind, Renner explains, "we see Aircraft Data Viewer as a valuable resource for a great range of aviation professionals, not just those in the planning or design departments that are working with PathPlanner. With this split, companies can now share the solution across multiple departments, regardless of whether they are responsible for planning, operations or otherwise."


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About Simtra

Founded in 1989, Simtra was originally involved in the navigation of mobile robots. The company branched out in 1994 and merged the results of the robotics research with airport know-how provided by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority. This resulted in the software application PathPlanner; an airside planning, design and operations tool that could be used directly in the CAD environment.

In recent years other software products have been added to Simtra’s portfolio and today the company is recognized as a leading supplier of software solutions and services for planners, designers, engineers and architects in both the aviation and transportation industries.

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