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On 29 January 2014 Transoft Solutions Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design solutions, acquired Simtra AeroTech AB, a leading supplier of software for airport and road designers. Both companies are pioneers in the transportation industry with CAD based software solutions such as PathPlanner™ (Simtra) and AutoTURN® and AeroTURN® (Transoft Solutions). For more information, see Acquisition FAQ



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We would like to express our appreciation to all our clients for their contributions to the continued success of our organization.


Client Testimonials

A key planning tool for Arup's airside planning team

"For almost fifteen years PathPlanner has been a key planning tool for Arup's airside planning team. It provides accurate simulations of critical push-backs, tows and self-powered aircraft maneuvers, and has enabled us to provide safe and efficient operational solutions in many constrained and busy airport environments. In addition, Simtra's excellent support and openness to suggestions for improvements, has ensured that we can provide superior and timely service at both the office and on site."



Vojin Stefanovic, Arup, Canada




Obstacle Surface Planner assists with regulatory compliance

"Like most airports around the world, Frankfurt Airport is constantly evolving. There are always multiple construction projects underway and these often involve the use of mobile cranes. We use Obstacle Surface Planner on a weekly basis to check that these cranes are positioned in a way that complies with regulations."           


  Bohdan Skudrzyk - Fraport, Germany



Ideal tool for finding and communicating solutions

"At Deerns, we use PathPlanner Airside+ on a daily basis to do all our platform design simulations. The path and gate design tools are easy to use and allow us to simply make the adjustments needed during the design process. The powerful graphical possibilities of PathPlanner make it the ideal tool for communicating problems and solutions with clients or project members."



Tonny Nooyens, Deerns, The Netherlands




PathPlanner helped us immensely in our facility planning and business case analysis

"We used the PathPlanner planning analysis software to model 5 ICAO Code E and 2 ICAO Code F gates at a proposed new passenger terminal pier at London Gatwick Airport. PathPlanner allowed us to quickly evaluate and test different gate rotunda locations, bridge models, and centerline locations, all for mixed aircraft fleets. This module helped us immensely in our facility planning and business case analysis."


  Betsy Huigens, Bechtel, USA



User-friendly, accurate and my principal tool

"I work every day planning new stands, changing the ground markings for existing stands and checking the compatibility of new aircraft with all these stands at almost forty airports in Spain. I use PathPlanner in this work because it is user-friendly, accurate and my principal tool. When I need assistance the Support Team help me immediately to solve all my problems and my doubts too."



Marisa Serna García, Aena Aeropuertos, Spain




Aircraft Data Viewer is a real time saver

"Aircraft Data Viewer is a real time saver. It offers all the most relevant information in a selectable yet unified format ready to print or publish so that with just a few mouse clicks the data is ready to submit."


  Bernard Goodworth, Köln/Bonn Airport, Germany



The software tool has contributed vastly to the safety of our operations

"We have been PathPlanner users since 2000. Over the years the software tool has contributed vastly to the safety of our operations. Namely we have optimized existing apron parking positions, created new parking positions, successfully run the Olympic Games of 2004, got approval for the A380 and much more. We are also using the software on a daily basis to solve operational problems and also to get data from the Aircraft Data Wiewer."



Michael Moschopoulos, Athens International Airport, Greece



Gives a mirror-like representation of how aircraft will maneuver on the ground

"PathPlanner is an excellent program that truly allows the user to safely analyze planning tasks and answer questions that numerous airports are faced with each day. The advanced aircraft maneuvering and gate design features of the software gives a mirror-like representation of how aircraft will maneuver on the ground, dock to a passenger boarding bridge, or park on an apron all while providing the appropriate safety margins and clearances to meet FAA or ICAO standards. PathPlanner is a very useful and resourceful software!"



Nicholas Crouch, AVCON, INC., USA



PathPlanner's systematic workflow has enhanced our proficiency

"As a leading consulting company in Japan we have been utilizing PathPlanner to its utmost. Its systematic workflow has enhanced our proficiency, especially in the field of engineering practices. It has helped with aircraft maneuvering alignment studies and to design taxiway fillets, turning-pads and aircraft stands, taking into account self-maneuvering or push-back operation as well as jet engine blasts, future NLA operation and more."


  Masamichi Narushima, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., Japan



One of the single most important planning tools an airport designer can have

"Working as a consultant to New Zealand and Australian airports, it’s imperative that we offer leading edge design and  engineering solutions. PathPlanner enables us to achieve this with its vast array of features. I can say with certainty that PathPlanner is one of the single most important planning tools an airport designer can have."


  Wayne Napier, Beca, New Zealand



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