Obstacle Surface Planner Customers

First published: 29 January 2014
Last updated: 31 October 2016


What will happen to Obstacle Surface Planner?

Obstacle Surface Planner has been succeeded by SkySAFE. Customers with valid Maintenance Assurance Program (MAP) (formerly Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)) as of 31 October 2016 have been upgraded to SkySAFE.  


For more information, see: www.transoftsolutions.com/skysafe


Can I still renew my Maintenance Assurance Program (MAP) (formerly Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA))?

Yes, the integration of Simtra’s business activities into the Transoft Solutions organization ensures that customers can renew their MAP subscriptions and be assured that they will continue to receive the same high quality of customer care and service that they have come to expect from Simtra.


For more information, see: www.transoftsolutions.com/maintenance-assurance-program


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